Import for foreign parts and products are available, since we have our own permission. From principal such as ABK Group, Tecnomec3, Bakony, KWI, Experion, and Rai-Tillieres.


ABK Group

CCreated in 1952 and originally named ATELIERS ALLIBE by its founder, M. Aimé ALLIBE, ABK GROUP is one of the major designers and manufacturers of complete machines for the production of all grades of tissue, paper and board as well as specialty papers such as reconstituted tobacco, insulation board, decor paper, banknote paper, filter paper.

W ith the target to become a strong and reliable partner, ABK GROUP has continued optimizing its manpower and machine tool resources and is today in position to manufacture  paper machines up to 8 meters width. ABK GROUP has also gathered extensive experience in the  papermaking processes and has benefited from important acquisitions like the recent take-over of OVER MECCANICA which has led to the creation of ABK ITALIA.  ABK GROUP can provide mills all over the world with fully integrated solutions to reach the best performances in the production of all grades of paper.


The company, has worked in this field for 35 years and our activity is based on planning and building spreader roll and special products for different fields.

We provide an wide-spread technical assistance before and after the sale,we have agents all over the world as well as a very good output potential,either for new rolls

or for refurbishment, which is made for each brand.


Krofta Water Inc.

The KWI group, formerly Krofta Waters Inc. & Krofta Engineering, designs and installs water and waste

water treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications using DAF  - Dissolved Air Flotation as

the main technology. With more than 3,900 installations in 77 countries, KWI is a world

leader in Industrial Waste Water Treatment and recycling Potable Water Treatment and Biological


Bakony Technical Ceramics

Bakony Technical Ceramics Ltd. has got more than two decades’ experience in serial production of high-purity alumina-oxid industrial ceramic products.

The high quality technical ceramic parts produced in our company are applicable in various branches of industry.

Our products are manufactured to comply with all the requirements of our customers.

Development is very important for us, thus we are ready to cooperate with our partners to develop new products in order to find the best solution.

Our main profile is the serial production of ceramic products, since we have a large production capacity, but we are ready to manufacture products in smaller numbers, too.

We have two aims: quality and the contentment of our customers.


xperion components designs and manufactures tailor-made components made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) for mechanical engineering purposes. Where conventional materials such as steel or aluminium reach the limits of physics and technical feasibility, fiber-reinforced plastics offer enormous potential for innovations and high-end-solutions. perion components pioneered the industrial use of fiber-reinforced plastics and is currently an expert and technology leader in the production of tie rods, structures, levers, beams, shafts and other components, designed to perform under defined framework conditions. In this context, xperion components offers the entire development and production process from the first creative ideas down to series production from a single source. 

engraving and embossing roll